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On Second Thought ...

Even as the iconoclasts we are, we reconsidered this idea. As our agency has matured, we realize that some of our folks actually have reputations to uphold in their communities. Others are mindful of the legacy they’ll leave to future generations. In addition, you never know who among us might decide to run for President of the United States — or be married to a future candidate.

So rather than post images from our 2016 holiday party (held in a literal underground bar in downtown Fort Worth), we’re offering a gift of GIFs. Below is a stocking full of our favorite animated features from 2016 that were created by The Starr Conspiracy’s designers.

Trust us. This is much safer for everyone involved.

Grilled Cheeeeeze
Oh Boy! Tomato Soup for Grilled Cheese Potluck!
Trumpkin Hands
Slapped Silly by Trumpkin Hands
Fort Worth Mario
Fort Worth Street Construction Meets Super Mario Brothers
Santa Steve
Santa Imitates Steve Smith Lighting Up a Starr Conspiracy Holiday Party
Nerf War
Nerf War, Starr Conspiracy Office Style
Tiny Desktop Soccer
Tiny Desktop Soccer
Kung Fu Mercer
Everybody (Well, Michael Mercer) Was Kung Fu Fighting
A Handy Grasshopper
A Handy Grasshopper
Tiny Feet Moonwalking
Tiny Feet Moonwalking