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The Starr Conspiracy 2016 Holiday Calendar

The new year is just around the corner. The Starr Conspiracy hopes that you enjoy this interactive calendar of holiday treats and surprises and that 2017 reveals an abundance of joy and happiness for you and yours.



The 5 Best Holiday Cookie Recipes

Cookies for any gathering, guaranteed to wow any audience. Even the most tradition-bound relatives.

Best Holiday Music

Members of The Starr Conspiracy have scoured their personal music collections and tapped their memories of holidays past to create a unique holiday playlist for you and yours, ready for you to play on Spotify.

TSC Holiday Wallpaper for Desktops and Mobile Phones

From The Starr Conspiracy’s creative team, special holiday wallpaper for your desktop, laptop, and mobile phone.

Mail Carrier Gifts

Anybody can give the mail carrier a year-end tip. The Starr Conspiracy helps you stand out from the neighbors.

Holiday Events

Co-located in Fort Worth and San Francisco, The Starr Conspiracy offers the best of holiday events in both areas. Some choices may surprise you.

Best Holiday Movies Ever

With something for (nearly) everyone, here’s The Starr Conspiracy’s incomparable list of The 10 Best Holiday Movies Ever.

Printable Tree Ornament

With a pair of scissors and some tape or glue, you can create your very own Ocho-inspired tree ornament.

10 Best Holiday Toys Ever

Set your inner child free with our selection of the best holiday toys ever. Is your favorite on the list?

Social Media Images Cheat Sheet

Share like a pro on social media with The Starr Conspiracy’s Social Media Images Cheat Sheet.

10 Funniest Holiday Videos

From the wonderful people who brought you Ocho, here are 10 of the funniest holiday videos you’ll ever see.

Elf Yoga

Amid all the holiday stress, stretch and unwind with a little Starr Conspiracy Elf Yoga.

Website Flip Code

Give visitors a holiday-inspired behind-the-scenes peek of your website.

The Starr Conspiracy Jumping

Not every office group can pull off a GIF of the entire staff jumping for joy. See what we’re talking about.

8 Best Holiday Cocktails

Eggnog Shmeggnog. Here are the eight best holiday cocktails ever, with recipes.

Favorite Design Software and Apps

From The Starr Conspiracy’s designers, here’s a stocking full of very cool and FREE design apps and software.

5 Killer Grilled Cheese Recipes

Beyond the basic formula, here’s an array of gooey goodness between two slices of grilled bread.

Holiday Spam Feast

From The Starr Conspiracy, an entire holiday menu with dishes featuring Spam, Spam, and … Spam.

Holiday Movie Gingerbread People Coloring Sheets

Holiday movies meet gingerbread people meet coloring fun.

Party with The Starr Conspiracy

Virtually join The Starr Conspiracy at its recent wild and wooly 2016 holiday bash. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

10 Decadent Hot Chocolate Recipes

From slow-cooker easy to tantalizingly sophisticated, 10 of the best hot chocolate recipes we could find.

Home Alone: The Quiz

The movie quickly became a bona fide holiday classic. Now you can take the Home Alone Quiz from The Starr Conspiracy.

Cool Free Fun Apps

Selected by The Starr Conspiracy, here’s a Santa’s bag of fun and FREE apps for adults and kids alike.

Beer Pairings for Any Occasion

Here’s a selection of beer pairings for a five-course meal, curated by The Starr Conspiracy’s own hops connoisseur and master home brewer.

A Very Jewish Christmas Song

For the second night of Hanukkah, a holiday gem we bet you’ve never heard, co-written by and featuring one of The Starr Conspiracy’s very own.

Pet Portraits

A gallery of portraits of The Starr Conspiracy Pets

Spirit Animals

The Starr Conspiracy Partners Spirit Animals

10 Holiday Cat Videos

An offering of fun Christmas feline footage. Of course.

Unique San Francisco Tour

A Video Tour of the City by the Bay from a Wacky Little GoCar

The Starr Conspiracy 2016 Employee of the Month Posters

Lots of companies recognize their standout employees. We immortalize ours.

Pets Holiday Feast — Dogs and Cat With Human Hands

Two minutes of weirdly entertaining holiday delight.

Happy New Year, Starr Conspiracy Style

Ringing in the New Year, from us to you

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