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10 of the Funniest Holiday Videos Ever — a YouTube Playlist

If you thought you’d seen them all, wait until you see the videos your friends at The Starr Conspiracy have found. These holiday chestnuts will keep you and your family laughing long after the tinsel has been pulled off the tree and boxed up until next year.

“I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present”

Jimmy Kimmel

Let's be honest. It’s funny watching (other people’s) kids melt down.

“Christmas Sweatz (a Song)”

Rhett and Link

Doesn’t everyone yearn to be comfy and cozy during the holidays?

“WikiLeaks Reveals Santa's Naughty List”

Rooster Teeth

Yes, here’s every kid’s nightmare. No playground is safe this Christmas.

“I Wish It Were Christmas Today”

“Saturday Night Live”

The SNL classic. ’Nuff said.

“Sump'n Claus”

“Saturday Night Live”

If you've been crossed off Santa's nice list, here comes Sump'n Claus (Kenan Thompson).

“Christmas Serial”

“Saturday Night Live”

If you haven't listened to the podcast Serial, you should. If not for the amazing Sarah Koenig herself, then just so you can appreciate the brilliance of this SNL skit.

“All I Want For Christmas Is Food”

Doug the Pug

Damn the reindeer. Give us pugs!

“Ode to Joy”

Beaker, of Muppets Fame

If you’ve never seen Beaker — or if you have but want more — this one’s for you. Warning: Items blow up and catch fire in this video.

“Do You Like My Decorations?”

Pencilmation Cartoons

A cautionary tale — about a serial killer christmas tree.

“Adam Sandler and the Hanukkah Song”

“Saturday Night Live”

One of God’s many jokes on the Jews was placing Hanukkah near Christmas, causing Gentiles worldwide to think the two holidays have something in common. So, a Hanukkah video on our list, too.