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From Lil Bub to BaneCat, a Digital Stocking Stuffer of Holiday Feline Fun

What else do we need to say? Christmastime. Cats. YouTube. Here are 10 favorites from The Starr Conspiracy’s experts in frivolous feline-focused entertainment.

Santa Cat

The best cat-in-a-costume video you’ll find. Period.

Keep Them Busy

Sure, it’s a cat commercial from Temptations treats — but it’s so dang cute!

Simon's Cat Christmas Collection

A compilation of all the festive films from the Simon's Cat team.

How to Summon a Cat at Christmas

Thirteen seconds of joy.

Christmas BaneCat!

Weird, wacky, and fun. Plus, more than 1.1 million views has to count for something.

Funny Christmas Cat

What part of “funny Christmas cat” needs explanation?

Cat Choir

Feline Navidad, y’all.

Santa Cat Not Giving Gifts

Grumpy, possessive kitty — in an elf’s hat, no less.

Holiday Cat Hat Prank

How to keep your cat occupied while you wrap the presents.

Lil Bub’s Magical Yule Log Video

Yep, here’s the genetically tongue-impaired Lil Bub in a special holiday video.