How we define “buyer”: We surveyed more than 350 global learning practitioners in 2016 and 2017, asking quantitative and qualitative questions, as well as conducting follow-up interviews. However, when we broke down the differences between all learning practitioners and those who are actually making and influencing learning technology purchase decisions, we noticed some key differences. We’ve decided to focus on these actual buyers in our data findings. These learning buyers represent 208 of our total sample, and our report is focused on the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of these professionals.

How are you involved in learning management activities within your organization?
I am a strategic leader and decision-maker when it comes to organizational learning initiatives and technologies. 53.8%
I'm not a decision-maker, but I influence and support decisions related to learning and development. 46.2%
Functional Area of Expertise
Executive or management 31.3%
Training or learning management 35.1%
Human resources 11.1%
Sales and marketing 10.6%
Technology 4.8%
Finance 1.4%
Production 1.4%
Operations 1.0%
Risk management 1.0%
Compliance 0.5%
Procurement 0.5%
Other 1.4%