Focus on Adding Value, Let the Rest Sort Itself Out

Buyers and market watchers are always interested in the horse race. Who’s winning? Who’s losing? But looking at the current learning technology market as a zero-sum game misses the point. It’s not whether traditional or next-generation solutions will emerge victorious. It’s how these solutions will work together to deliver results for buyers.

The world of corporate learning is in the middle of a big shift, and buyers and vendors are finding themselves trying to paint the train while it’s moving. “It’s not a finish-your-plate, course-centric environment anymore. People jump in and jump out,” said Brandon Hall’s Michael Rochelle. “Vendors are trying to hit the learner at the point in time when they need it. I don’t think there is such a thing as next-gen learning. I think it’s really about a continuation of what people need to learn. And we have to have the technology keep pace with how people are needing to learn, and their evolving needs.”

Buyers are not looking for replacements as much. They’re looking for additive value. Can you add value to strategy and customer success? Can you help your buyers demonstrate ROI and show their employees what’s in it for them? The vendors that accept this new reality are the ones that are going to be the true winners in the market ahead.

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