Conclusion: Where Is Employee Engagement Headed?

The term “employee engagement” and the many solutions it has spawned have created ample disagreement and difficulty. However, we believe the ultimate goal is quite simple: creating clear communication and better relationships among employees and employers. Solutions that easily facilitate this communication will be the tools everyone wants to use — and ultimately the solutions that succeed.

The employee engagement category presents opportunity and risk. Many companies have a chance to change their destinies. Emerging players will have the chance to grow into category leaders. Even traditional superpowers may find new avenues for growth. At the same time, many companies can no longer be sure who their competitors really are. Your biggest risk long term may come from a company that’s not currently on your radar. Even some of today’s leaders may find themselves unexpectedly in decline.

There are no easy answers. But whether you’re looking to make the most of the opportunity ahead, mitigate the risks, or maybe accomplish a little of both, call The Starr Conspiracy. We’re happy to offer our insights to help you bring the future into focus.

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