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I could keep writing forever. But I’d rather have a conversation. If you want to talk to us about your company and spend some time together assessing your marketing strategy, we do that for free (we call it a business planning session). We’ve been leading business planning sessions for more than a decade, and people love them. Below is a snapshot of our most recent sales survey, which asked people we met with in 2016 what they thought about our business planning sessions. As you can see, they’re very valuable. And did I mention they’re free?

Let’s Talk

How would you rate the quality of your planning session?*

*Of those who participated in business planning sessions, only 4 percent hired an agency other than The Starr Conspiracy.

“I can’t think of a single thing that would improve that meeting. Every one of us recognized immediately that we were dealing with a remarkably different marketing and consulting company. The Starr Conspiracy team was on point and clearly showed all the ways your firm could help us. In my 30-some years of software meetings, it was hands-down one of the most positive and effective meetings I have ever attended.”

“We felt from the start, and continue to feel as we work with your team from The Starr Conspiracy, that there is a fundamentally strong commitment on the part of your staff to provide strong value and transparency. It is a sense of determined excellence, and [it] is incredibly refreshing.”

“Good formula that made us feel comfortable that The Starr Conspiracy knew what they were doing and were leading a sound process.”

“I liked that there was no pressure to hire The Starr Conspiracy for anything and that the team I spoke to seemed to just enjoy talking about the market and competitive landscape.”

Let’s Talk

I hope you decide to take us up on this offer. I promise you won’t be disappointed — it’s free, so that definitely helps. More important, our team at The Starr Conspiracy has been conducting planning sessions for more than a decade and our planning session model may have created the standard for strategic marketing summits in the enterprise software market segment. I mean, we are the only agency in the world with a stated mission to change B2B marketing forever. Give us four hours and let us change your company’s destiny. Don’t be one of the companies I wrote about here. You’re better than that.

About The Starr Conspiracy

The Starr Conspiracy embraces the humanity in business to build brands that have emotional resonance. More than a global business-to-business marketing agency, we’re a movement. We’re changing the way technology companies view themselves, their customers, and the world. Unlike conventional agencies, we fuse advertising, technology, and advisory services in completely new ways — ways that defy categorization and challenge the old-school agency structure.