Conclusion: Where Is HCM Headed?

It’s easy to look at the top three or four brands in HCM technology and think that the market is lining up based on their future execution. However, our brandscape research suggests that the market is in a state of rapid change being driven largely by the emergence of the SMB segment and other trends reviewed here. We believe that these changes will have a dramatic impact on the way HR technology is adopted in enterprises of all sizes over the next few years. In technology markets, you can’t assume that just because you’re a leader today, you’ll be a leader tomorrow. Remember Yahoo! in 2000, or, for that matter, PeopleSoft in 2000, or Lawson in 2006.

Though the large incumbent brands have an opportunity to capitalize on their current position, we expect to see further innovation in both technology and go-to-market business models that will impact the HCM category as a whole. The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit sees a fast-moving HCM market that is only building velocity.

As the way work gets done is changing around the globe, so will the way HCM technology supports that work. 2015 is lining up to be a year that will support those big changes.

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