So you think a B2B social media presence that doesn’t make you want to die can’t be found? Challenge accepted.

It’s true that B2B social media is often done sufficiently.

But when you’ve seen what we’ve seen in our quest for the truth, you soon discover exactly what a compelling social media presence needs, even in the mysterious world of B2B marketing. Let The Starr Conspiracy show you how to:

  • Understand the importance of brand
  • Develop voice and personality
  • Create a killer content strategy
  • Give up the goods for free

Want to know all of our trade secrets? Join us on the other side and download the latest industry intelligence for B2B social media.

About The Starr Conspiracy

The Starr Conspiracy is a full-service marketing agency for companies in specialized market segments. We build brands by telling the truth (to you, to your customers and to ourselves). We promise an unyielding pursuit of the truth as we work to unravel the mysteries of your idiosyncratic buyers. Our mission is to enhance your position in the market by thinking, writing, designing and developing — and a few other things that we can’t talk about until we know you better.